Continuing growth and development of our residents. Others considering coming to RH.

Residents who demonstrated servanthood by making muffins for the homeless.

A House Parent Assistant has been hired! She begins her work the week of May 7.

Several are showing interest in serving as HPs for the second home recently purchased.

Our houseparents’ announced that they will become grandparents later this year.

We “closed” on the Carlisle home; renovations are already under way there.

Two student groups completed several inside and outdoor projects.

A much needed mattress was donated for our house parents who are now sleeping better.

Several baby related donations, sheets, and other items were donated for the 2nd home.

An individual volunteered to deliver our Walk for Life promotional materials to area churches.

As of April 27th, we are at 20% of our financial goal ($35,000) for this year’s Walk for Life.

Final plans for the Walk (Saturday, May 12) are coming along well. 



Newer residents as they transition and continue to adapt to group living.

A newborn at Ruth Harbor will continue to gain weight and be healthy.

One of our residents needs a job and is looking.

Young woman (due May 1, not a resident) needs prayer as she delivers and places for adoption.

For the hearts of our residents as they seek life change and growth.

Discernment in the process of interviewing and selecting new HPs.

A faithful member of our RH prayer team is facing cancer.

Tasks to ready the Carlisle Home for residents and House Parents.

Connecting with church liaisons, group leaders, team leaders to provide Walk materials.

Legacy giving briefing for RH constituents with interest on May 8th.

Wisdom and insight for House Parents as they support residents.

Smooth and timely certification process with the State of Iowa over the next couple months.

Staff as they engage and work with new team members; for continued unity and effectiveness.

For final details to come together as our Walk for Life is 2 weeks away!